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​since 1962

A heartwarming stay in a natural paradise

Our hotel is the perfect destination for ski enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts.NaebaLocated only 1 minute away from the ski resort,It offers a perfect location to enjoy the natural scenery. snowy mountainYa NatsuyamaWith a charming and warm atmosphere set against the backdrop of the...

Local flavors and warm hospitality

Our hotel serves dinner and breakfast made with fresh local ingredients. Based on the concept of local production for local consumption, our chefs create dishes that are a great opportunity to taste local flavours. We welcome and entertain our guests with delicious food and warm service.

family friendly environment

Our hotel is the ideal accommodation for families. Spacious rooms, family rooms, kids menu-With this, parents and children can have a fun time together. Children's groupYour family can also stay with peace of mind.

natureEnjoy an extraordinary travel experience with our hotel, which offers proximity to ski slopes and outdoor activities and the opportunity to enjoy local flavours, maximizing your enjoyment. We look forward to your visit.

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