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​Questions and inquiries


Reservations during the Fuji Rock Festival period will not be accepted as the venue will be reserved for private use only. note that.

Reservations during the Fuji Rock Festival period will be reserved for the event staff, and reservations will not be accepted. note that.



202-4 Mikuni, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture

202-4,mikuni,yuzawa town,minamiuonuma,niigata,japan


Tel: 025-789-2033      Fax: 025-789-2386

Access other than by car

Approximately 90 minutes from Joetsu Shinkansen "Tokyo" station to "Echigo Yuzawa" station

The timetable ishere

Approximately 50 minutes from “Echigo Yuzawa” station to “Naeba Ski Resort” bus stop

About 1 minute walk from the bus stop

​The timetable ishere


Recruiting part-time staff for winter season (December to March)
​Would you like to work at the winter resort Naeba Ski Resort?
Those who like customer service, those who are interested in working in the accommodation industry, and students with no experience are welcome!
 Phone: 025-789-2033 Email:


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