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Restaurant overlooking the ski resort

Our in-house restaurant offers guests the ultimate dining experience while overlooking the beautiful mountains of each season.

The panoramic view of the ski slopes from the windows is especially attractive during the winter season. Enjoy a fusion of Japanese and Western menus using fresh local ingredients.

The carefully prepared dishes are hearty and extremely satisfying. Dishes that make use of local specialties.


We offer a variety of dishes using local produce and fresh seafood.

Spend a special time with carefully selected local sake and beer.



A luxurious buffet style to start your day full of energy.

We have a wide variety of options available. (Depending on the number of guests staying, there may be a separate menu for each person.)

Regarding food allergies


  1. We will refrain from accommodating customers who request that we provide meals that accommodate food allergies.

  2. Since a variety of ingredients are used in the same kitchen, it is inevitable that allergens will adhere to cooking utensils, etc. Please understand the circumstances of our hotel and understand in advance that there may be trace amounts of ingredients that are not used as ingredients in the dishes we serve.

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