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Regarding efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection

At our hotel, we are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus so that our customers can use our facility with peace of mind.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Initiatives of our staff

・All employees will be wearing masks while serving customers. Additionally, some employees may wear face guards and protective goggles while serving customers.
・We have implemented droplet prevention measures at the front desk, cashier, etc.
-We will measure your body temperature and check your health status every day, and if you have a fever or feel unwell, we will ask you to stay home. We also instruct employees to wear masks when arriving and leaving work, wash their hands frequently, gargle, and disinfect their hands with alcohol.
・We will regularly ventilate the room.
・We are disinfecting the bathrooms (large communal baths), toilets, and other areas that are touched by hotel guests with alcohol in public spaces.
・We ask that you pay electronically whenever possible. In addition, cash trays are used to transfer cash, credit cards, etc.

Request to customers

・Please wear a mask.
・Alcohol disinfectant is placed inside the facility, and customers are asked to disinfect their hands when using the facility.
・Please cooperate in checking your temperature and physical condition when you visit.
(If you have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher during check-in during your stay, we recommend that you wait in your room and seek medical attention.)
・Please cooperate by gargling and washing your hands.
・Please cooperate in ensuring social distancing.
・If you have a fever or feel unwell, you will not be able to visit the facility, so please let us know.
・Regarding the bath (large communal bath), there may be a limit on the number of users.

*Guests staying overnight will be asked to fill out a check sheet regarding their physical condition and travel history.

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